Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Threads From Lecien!

As I was stitching away on the June "Sweet Nostalgia" block, I began to wonder what I would do as a B.O.M. when "Sweet Nostalgia" is finished. I was going to do a survey to see if stitchery, or my favorite, applique, would be preferred, but I just received a wonderful surprise in the mail, which made up my mind for me!
The wonderful Nireko of the Lecien Corp. sent me those beautiful threads to introduce their new line of variegated threads called "Seasons", which are going to be launched at Quilt Market later this month. Why don't you ask your local quilt or needlework shop to look for them at Market.

Don't they look luscious? I've got just the project in mind for them. So stay tuned.
The past few days I've been busy appliqueing the borders on my new design, "Loves Music, Loves To Dance" and hope to be able to show you a photo soon. Bye for now.


Pat said...

That floss looks yummy!!

Allie said...

Oh you lucky lucky lucky woman!!!!!!! Those are absolutely amazingly beautiful!

marina said...

Lucky you Dorothy! We will definitely need something to fill the void when the sweet nostalgia is finished.

Di said...

They do look luscious! Applique would be a nice change, but I enjoy stitching too.

cerato said...

You're a lucky woman Dorothy! The threads are beautiful.
Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Have a nice weekend
Hugs and kisses from Spain

Myra said...

Oh my... Wonderful threads there Dorothy! Inspiration right there! lol! 8-)

I look forward to seeing your "Loves Music, Loves To Dance"!

Happy stitchings!

Karen said...

Pretty threads! And, you have a new project in mind? :)

Unknown said...

These look very lovely indeed!!

Wayne said...

How about mixing applique and stitching for the new threads? Love both, Thanks for the patterns. Helen

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