Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just a quick note to let you know I may not be around for awhile.
I had to take Mom back to the hosptal on Saturday, and it looks like they may keep her for a while.
I'm feeling very guilty right now, as I promised Mom I would not make her go back there, but her breathing got so bad on Saturday I didn't have a choice.  I really thought they would just drain some of the fluid from her lungs, and let me take her home.  I can't believe the state of the hospital!.  I know they are building a new hospital in Town, but it won't be ready for three years, and in the meantime they seem to be just letting this one fall apart.  My daughter got stuck in one of the bathroom stalls and we had to go looking for someone to get her out.  I'm laughing about it now as I tell you, but at the time it wasn't funny for her. Everything is looking so run down, and badly in need of a fresh coat of paint.  Mom thought we were in an abandoned building. lol   It's sad to see, it used to be such a lovely community hospital, both my children were born there, and Mom volunteered there for almost 30 years.
Of course, it had to be a long weekend, so things moved very slowly!!.  We hired someone to sit with Mom last night, so I could come home and get some sleep, and I'm just going to get myself ready and get down there.  I'll see if she is still mad at me!

I'll keep you posted.  Bye for now.



Dolores said...

Dear Dorothy, do beat yourself up. It may have been much worse if you didn't bring your mom somewhere where she could be monitored and her health checked by professionals. I hear you about the state of the hospital. Before my mom entered her present, very nice and modern nursing home, she was in one was slated to be torn down. It was an old house with peeling paint and creaking floors but I guess they didn't want to do anything to fix up the little things since a new one had been built.

Susan said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the care is so outstanding that you stop noticing the condition of the facility!!!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts and prayers for you and your mom. So sorry to hear about the state of the hospital, but as long as it is clean and the healthcare is good I'm sure your mom will be ok.

Allie said...

Saying some prayers for you and your mum, hon...

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