Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Sweet Nostalgia" - Fun At The Beach

Here are the links to download this month's "Sweet Nostalgia" block. Scribd or 4Shared.


marina said...

Very cute Dorothy,
now there is a block that we have in common.
Thanks Dorothy!

Teodo said...

Very very nice.
thanks Dorothy.
ciao ciao

Margot said...

Very nice.
Thanks Dorothy♥

Allie said...

Ah a new favorite - LOVE this block Dorothy, thank you so much!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, Dorothy, this block is probably my most favorite. Such an imagination you have.
This block makes me smile.
Thanks for coming by my blog. The wedding was great and my DIL is so sweet.

Beth said...

Dorothy I have just found your blog and I want to know if there is anyway I could get the blocks that have been deleted. Please I love to embroidery and I love your quilt...
Thanks so much, Beth

Dorothy said...

Hi Beth,
Each block is available as a free download for 3 months, after which it can be purchased from me for $2.00 Can.
The blocks for May, June and July are still available as free downloads. The patterns for the Sept. - April blocks can be purchased from me. Just send me an email if you are interested in purchasing them.

Myra said...

Memories... Thanks Dorothy! 8-)

Besides Sweet Nostalgia, what are you working on these days?

Kim D. said...

Very cute Dorothy. I've stopped printing the blocks, so many projects going right now. But I love to stop by and see what you've designed.

Ivory Spring said...


Your beach block is soooooo cute!


Congratulations for the work and the Blog
You have good taste
Invite you to visit my blog
Hugs from Brazil
Fernanda Felix

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