Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I thought you might like to see the last block of my new teddybear quilt.  I've been working on the sashings hoping to have something to show you, but it's slow going. I'm finding it hard to get the time to sit at the sewing machine. Applique is so much more portable.
Mom has gotten so much weaker this past month, and is so unsteady on her feet she needs assistance with everything.  She sometimes forgets and tries to do something by herself, and I am so afraid she is going to fall.  Needless to say I am not sleeping very soundly!

On a brighter note, the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky.  It's going to be a good day.

Bye for now.


marina said...

such a gorgeous little bear, it's going to be such a wonderful quilt.
Enjoy your sunshine!

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