Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally, A Finish!

Well, it's only taken me two years, but I finally sewed the binding on "Some Bunny Loves You".  It feels good to have it finished.  I tried a different method for the binding, using a tool called the "Binding Thingy".
I found it a bit fiddly, but that is probably because it was new to me.  I'll have to try it again on one of the wall hangings buried in my closet waiting for the binding.  Can you tell I really don't like doing the binding! lol

Well, Mom is ringing her bell, so I guess I'd better get the day started.  Bye for now.


Dolores said...

I don't think that putting on binding is anyone's favourite thing to do. Did you remember a label? I try to keep in mind that a quilt is not truly finished until it has a label. Glad to see you posting again.

Carrie P. said...

It is so sweet. I love the little hearts and butterflies all over the quilt.

marina said...

the bunnies are fantastic.
I love the piecing you have done around the blocks and the outer border is just amazing.
well done on your finish. Hope you master your binding thingy.

Deb said...

very very cute! I have been seeing more of your patterns being completed applique does take its time you know...LOL
Great to see you posting your works again.

Virginia said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE !!! We have bunnies in our backyard and love to watch them eat the green onions David plants. You never disappoint with your designs.

Virginia Rothwell

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