Thursday, May 22, 2014

I finally have some photos to show you.  After much procrastination, I finished sewing the binding on three of the quilts I made last year.  I still have one more to go, and another one that is still at the quilters.
I always make the binding when I finish the quilt top, thinking it won't take me so long to get it finished when I get it back from the quilters, but it isn't working!  These have been sitting around since January. lol

This is the front and the back of the quilt I made for my brother.
The last time he came for a visit he complained that I've never made him a quilt, so here it is!

This is the front and the back of another log cabin quilt I made, trying to use up some of the neutrals I've collected over the years.  Both of these quilts were beautifully quilted by Irene Brayne of Braynewave Quilting.

This last quilt is yet another one trying to use up my stash of 1930s reproduction fabrics.  Kathy Mundy quilted this one, and it looks fabulous!

I still have 3 quilt tops folded up in the closet waiting to be quilted, but they need custom quilting so I'll have to save up a few more pennies before I can get them done.

Bye for now.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


Dolores said...

It's nice to see you're keeping busy. I hope your brother likes his quilt. What are the sizes?

marina said...

love your log cabing quilts, they are wonderful and your 1930's quilt is gorgeous.
I love the swag border too. really finishes it beautifully.

Ivory Spring said...

Your 1930's quilt is absolutely beautiful! I too love that swag border.

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