Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vintage Tiles Revisited

I have discovered I goofed in the material requirements for the background fabric, I advised 8 yards, when it should be either 7 yds, (if you like to have some extra in case of miscuts or other mishaps), 6 1/2 if you don't. I like to have the extra, especially when the project is spread out over a year, just in case the fabric is sold out. Lecien will be correcting their files.
Please accept my apology.



busyascanbe said...

This is so beautiful! Great revisit. I always love stopping by.

Deb said...

Dorothy I don`t call that an oops I call that an advantage we can always do something with the extra, rather more than not!!

Myra said...

Oops' do happen, but if it is an oops of too much material, all the better!! No problems Dorothy!

An oops in the other direction poses a much bigger problem!! Right!?! LOL... ;)

Allie said...

I agree with Myra - this isn't an oops! Dorothy, that quilt is SO gorgeous!!!

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