Sunday, October 23, 2011

Charity Quilts

With everything that has been going on with Mom this past summer, I haven't been able to get myself in gear, and settle on a new winter project. I've sorted through my stash, hoping I'd find a fabric that would motivate me, but instead I came across a few "what was I thinking!" fabrics.
Since they are perfectly good fabrics, I've decided to use them to make charity quilts for the guild.
Here are photos of the first two quilt tops.

Since I'm no good at machine quilting I'm hoping someone at the guild will quilt them, and they will bring some joy to a child somewhere.

There isn't much new on the home front. Mom is doing okay, some days a bit better than others, but we are managing. Fortunately, CCAC has given me 3 hours a week, so someone comes in to stay with Mom and I am able to get out for a bit.

Thank you everyone for your emails and messages of support, and though I'm not always able to reply, it really means a lot to me.

Bye for now.


B J Elder said...

I'm so glad you are getting those 3 hours a week for yourself. I have 4 hours a week and I cherish that time. Just to not have the responsibility, even for a few short hours, is a great gift. Blessings to you for your selfless giving to your mom.
Your clown quilts are so cheerful. I know they will bring much joy to a little boy or girl.

Allie said...

What darling quilts, Dorothy! I'm glad you're able to work on something, I think it's important for your sanity. Glad too that you're able to get out a few hours a week. It is such a burden to be a care-giver....big, big hugs to you.

marina said...

lovely quilts Dorothy.
Glad your mum is okay. It's not an easy job being a full time carer. I hope you get the support you need to care for mum at home. A bit of respite is a good start. Hopefully you will be able to escape to some crafting soon too.

Dolores said...

It's nice to see you creating. These quilts are so cute. At least you have 3 hours of respite. I suppose you have to take what you can get. My mom is in a very nice nursing home and I have no worries at all with regards to the care that she receives.

cerato said...

I love your work.
Sending a big hug from Spain.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, those are such sweet charity quilts you have made.
Glad to hear from you and that things are okay.

Gloria J W said...

Hi Dorothy.. so glad your Mum is doing Ok... and how lovely to have three hours a week for just you!! Make sure you spoil yourself and use the time for "just you". It's so hard to not be in a constant state of running.. Cheers to your Mum and hugs to you. The quilts are just great too.

Myra said...

Adorable quilt tops Dorothy! Some little children will be very happy receiving these...
Take care of the caregiver!

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