Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately, but things have been a little crazy around here.
My daughter's lovely 4 year old Chocolate Lab, Daisy, had been having a problem with one of her back legs, and the Vet decided surgery was necessary. My daughter, Alison, took her to the surgeon and a date was set for last Monday. Well, the day before the surgery, Daisy hurt her other back leg, and it was a more serious injury, so they ended up having to operate on that leg instead!
We've got her home now, but because she can't manage any stairs, or risk walking on hardwood floors, she'll be staying with us for the next few weeks. The plan is to hopefully get this leg fixed, and then they will operate on the other leg. Thank goodness for pet insurance!

Isn't she lovely? She is such a good, sweet natured dog, it just doesn't seem fair that she should be having all this trouble.


Allie said...

Oh poor Daisy!!! She's a beauty - I'm so sorry she's having so many problems, I hope she's much better soon!

marina said...

She is a lovely looking labby.
Hopefully the op will have fixed up her problem.
Hopefully her good nature will assist her recovery.

Susan said...

Hope Daisy has a quick recovery. Dogs bounce back so much more quickly than "us humans"!!!

Give her "some loves" for me.


Yuko said...

Hello, my dear Dorothy!

I'm sorry to hear that she has trouble...
There is a chocolate Lab. near my house, her name is "Choco" and she is also a very lovely dog!! (but she is a bit fatty, though!)

I love Lab. so much, especially black or chocolate one!!
She is so lovely, please hug her for me!!

I'll be back blogging soon!



cerato said...

Hi Dorothy,

I´m sorry to hear your daugther´s dog has a trouble. Hope she has a quick recovery.(She is a very lovely Lab)

Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful dog, Dorothy. Get well soon wishes to her!

Myra said...

Poor Daisy... 8-(
Has she had her second surgery yet?

Craftluver said...

O, she is a sweety! Looks very close to my 1,5 year old Floppy. I hardly could see the diverence! Hope Daisy is doing better and healing well.

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