Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Show And Tell

It's hard to believe that it's the 1st of June already! I guess there must be some truth to it when they say that time flies when you're having fun. And, I have been having fun designing and stitching the "Sweet Nostalgia" blocks. I finished stitching the August block last week, and have almost got the quilt assembled. I just have to finish writing up the patterns, and then I can concentrate on the new B.O.M.
Karine sent me a photo of her April block and it is wonderful. I love the little lamb she added to it.

Hazel has already posted a photo of her May block in the Flickr photo album, and Marina has posted the photo of her April block. Why don't you have a look. I'd love to see photos of your blocks too!

The 4th baby robin hatched on Saturday, and I have been watching Momma and Poppa robin flying back and forth, their beaks full of worms, trying to feed their hungry babies.

Last week, I received my quilt back from Vikki, of Subtle Creations, after she had worked her magic on it. I wish I could take a better photo so you could see the fantastic quilting she did.

Bye for now.


marina said...

Great show and tell Dorothy. Karine's block looks lovely, the colouring is very effective.
Your finished quilt is so cute.
Welcome to the last of the baby robins. Wow four hungry mouths to feed!

Allie said...

What a lovely show and tell!!! I love Karine's block, the baby robins are too cute for words, and your quilt is fabulous!

Ivory Spring said...


I enjoyed following the birdies' growth.

Your bunny quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS! The bows on the corners stole my heart!!

Myra said...

Those Sweet Nostalgia blocks are all looking so wonderful Dorothy! 8-)

Thanks for the update on the robins! I love seeing posts with nature pictures...

I faintly see that Vikki made quilted hearts right around the bunny on your quilt. Awesome!

Carrie P. said...

Your bunny quilt is so cute. I just love those bows in the corners. Oh, the birds are coming along. Thanks for coming by my blog. I have been trying to work on things that don't stress my arm so much so there is still a lot for me to do.

Anonymous said...

Where do you download this months pattern?

Dorothy said...

This month's pattern will be available here on the 15th.

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