Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Sweet Nostalgia" - Happy Easter

Here are the links to download or print this month's pattern from Scribd or 4shared.

Happy Stitching.

EDIT - April 17, 2010: For some reason, people are having trouble downloading the pattern from the Scribd site this month. I haven't been able to resolve this problem, so I suggest if you want to download the pattern to your computer just download it from 4shared. If you want to print it, just right-click on the pattern and select "Print Document". I apologize for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, I love it!

Teodo said...

Thanks Dorothy.
ciao ciao

Nuna said...

He Dorothy !!! Very beatiful work !!!! I like very much !!!


marina said...

thanks Dorothy, another sweet block.

Allie said...

Another beautiful design - thank you so much Dorothy!!!!!

turtlepatch said...

Dorothy thank you for the nice block you just post for the month of April! What talent !
Good weekend.

Karine P.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dorothy,

I love your BOM and I'm sorry, that April is not been able to download. It write's it's a private document.

Maria, austria

Dorothy said...

You are all welcome, I'm so happy that you are enjoying this B.O.M.
For those of you having a problem downloading the pattern from Scribd, I'm sorry, I don't know what the problem is. Just download the pattern from 4shared.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dorothy,

thank you with 4shared it's now okay.
Perhaps Firefox update yesterday was not compatible.

Maria, Austria

Carrie P. said...

Too, too cute. I hope I can get caught after my son's wedding and other things I am doing. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy in IN said...

For whatever reason when I try to download, I get a message that it is private and I can't download without a link from you. I have not had any problems before. What am I doing wrong.
Nancy in IN

LouAnne said...

I use Scribd site and you just need to edit and make it a public document.

Myra said...

Another darling block Dorothy! 8-)

I saved it to my computer through Scribd no problem today...

Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather out your way.. 8-)

Karen said...

So cute Dorothy! It's working now in Scribd.

Anonymous said...

Very beautifull block and 10/10 for Lecien and beautifull cotton embroidery. Thank Dorothy.

Karine P.

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