Friday, April 17, 2009

Quilt Show

I just got home from the Mississauga Quilt Guild's show and was so excited I had to show you a photo of my friend's quilt. A few years ago Maxine offered to test my "Roses In Dresden" quilt pattern, which she finished this past year as a wedding gift for her son and his wife.
She has won 2 ribbons - A President's Choice ribbon and the Canadian Quilter's Association Ribbon! Didn't she do a fantastic job! Her colors are wonderful.

I guess I'll have to get the pattern ready for publishing now. My "Roses In Dresden" quilt is still out at the quilters, but hopefully I'll have it back soon.

I have more photos from the show which I'll try to post on the weekend, after I resize them.

Chat with you later.


Deb said...

Oh you beat me to it.. I was there as well and got wonderful pics of this quilt. I was going to email you also beside this one you failed to mention all about bears quilt was there as well!! I wish I had seen or knew you were going we could have meet up. I am going to the Newmarket one today are you?
I love the swag on this piece the pic does this quilt no justice!! the sawtooth boarders are wonderful as well around each block. Just gorgeous

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful quilt - and you get tho share in the fun of having one of your patterns win a prize. Just lovely!!

Myra said...

It is a beautiful quilt Dorothy! Your friend did an awesome job of it! Very effective! 8-)
You do work wonders in your pattern making don't you!?! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, that quilt is stunning. I just the little triangles around each block. Tell her I said congratulations on both her ribbons.

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