Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Blahs!

I'm afraid I slacked off a little bit this past week, I just wasn't in the mood. The grey, dreary days and the cold weather are getting to me. It's hard to get motivated. I really need some sunshine! Does anyone else feel like winter is just dragging on? Maybe it's because we got so much snow, so early this year.
I did manage to get two more of the Vintage Tiles blocks prepared for applique, and now have just one more to go! I won't know what to do for the borders until I get it sewn together, but it will probably involve some applique.


Myra said...

I know how you feel... Spring can come anytime NOW as far as I'm concerned!!! 8-)
The blocks look great!

Deb said...

Hello Dorothy.. I love winter and the fact that I am indoors working on my quilts.. once summer comes there is no time with the outdoor work and winter is my friend.
With the blocks that you are doing it should help with your winter blahs.. cause they are absolutely gorgeous what a way to bring your garden indoors..
soon summer will be here and it will be to hot..enjoy this moment while it lasts..LOL

Susan said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Vintage Tile blocks. Each one is prettier than the last. Still can't decide if I like the neutral or the colorful one better. They are both gorgeous.

Dolores said...

Hello Dorothy,
I love your Vintage Tiles. I am (and have been for the past two years) in love with tiles. It will look spectacular when it is finished.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, two more blocks. They are just lovely. I know winter is here to stay so I just go with it. But I am sure it is harder where you live.

Solstitches said...

It looks as though you are back on track with your lovely blocks. They are so very pretty.
I hope Spring arrives soon for you - not long now!

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