Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking For Thimble

While I was leafing through Issue #122 of Quilts Japan I noticed an ad for some quilting notions on the back page. One of the items advertised was this thimble, it looks to be either leather or rubber.

Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a thimble like this? I have tried all kinds of thimbles and haven't been able to find one that works for me. The closest I've come is a metal thimble, but I find my thread breaks because of the rubbing against the thimble. I've pierced the end of my finger with the eye of the applique needle, again, and my finger is getting very sore!

I've been working on my Vintage Tiles In Neutrals, and have a few more blocks completed. Here's a photo of one of them. I'll try to get more photos later.

Chat with you later.


Solstitches said...

A couple of Japanese girls usually comment on my blog. I can ask them about the thimble for you if you would like?
The block is so lovely. I really like these calm neutral shades.


Myra said...

Love your block! Very nice! 8-)

I was in Fabricland the other day, and was looking at some thimbles quite similar to those there. It was a pack of 3. Packaged differently than you have photoed though...

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Dorothy

Your blocks Vintage Tiles are absolutely gorgeous. I understand that is your own design? Do you publish these patterns? Your applique technique is remarquable. Continue to inspire beginner quilter like me

Brigitte, ville de Qu├ębec

Dorothy said...

Thankyou everyone, for your wonderful comments. Yes, the Vintage Tiles are my own design, inspired by old tiles from the 1800& 1900s. I won't know if they'll be published until I finish the quilt and see if it turns out like I envisioned. They don't always! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes I have seen the thimbles at Joanns and Ben Franklins. They are silicone I believe. I have also seen them at the local quilt shop. Not too expensive but more than a leather or metal one. I have not tried them, I am stuck on the leather thimble.
LOVE the antique tile blocks.


Deb said...

oh love the block!! the thimbles I have seen all over Ontario Quilt stores call around.. I am sorry I can't remember which one. I know for sure at Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge had some.

Dorothy said...

Thankyou for your suggestion Vicki but I don't know when I will get to the U.S. to check out Joanns. Deb, the thimbles you mention are not the same, they don't have the recessed top.

June Calender said...

Dorothy, I have a couple of those thimbles and I LOVE them, they are some kind of plastic. I got them at our quilt store in NYC, City Quilter, but I think they should be fairly widely available. They are a bit soft, and since I am a little allergic to nickle which is in most metal thimbles, and which turns my finger green, these are comfortable and very usable. I haven't have them long enough to say how well they wear but they were only about $2.75 US so not a big investment. Good luck at finding some. They come in lots of colors and several sizes.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Just in case you haven't been able to get one... they have them at my local craft store (here in Japan), and they are silicone. I haven't tried them as I just picked up a new leather one for myself.

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