Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time For Another Giveaway

Things are pretty quiet right now, so I thought it might be a good time for another giveaway.

If you are interested in winning this set of patterns, Christmas Throughout The Year by Lynda Howell of The Stitch Connection, just leave a comment on this post telling us how many UFO's you have piled up. I'll start off by admitting to having 9 quilting projects in various stages, waiting for completion. Some are nearer completion than others, but I'm getting there!

This is a photo of the quilt I made from the patterns. I changed the setting a little and added a bit of applique to the borders to make it larger.

Anyone leaving a comment between today and Saturday, July 26/08, will be eligible to win. Like the previous giveaway I'll have my DH draw the number of the winner.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...


I'm in...with a total of 6 quilting ufos and A LOT of "wanna do" projects :). With cross stitching, I have 3, plus A LOT of "wanna dos." I like your Christmas quilt, very nice. Thanks for the binding tutorial link. I hate binding and will put off finishing a quilt because of it.


opalin quilts said...

In my sewing room are 9 quilts waiting to be finished. And there is one handsewing project I have at home. (My sewing room is 4 miles away from my home) And there are many many - I counted 10 projects in my head.
I really hope to win, I love this christmas quilts. They are really cute.
Greetings from Switzerland

Veri said...

you made a beautiful christmas-quilt. I don't like make the binding. Sewing the quilt is fun, but sewing the binding is neccessary. To stitch and quilt after that makes fun again :-) I count 7 Ufos and hope it will not get more...
nice greetings - Veri

Anonymous said...

Ugh, UFO's. I stopped counting at 11! I will get around to finishing them all, I promise, someday. I really do finish what I start but sometimes I can't find just the right backing or I have to make something else real quick so a project gets put to the side. I love the pattern you are offering and I really would make the quilt, honest.
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Linda B in MI said...

I have four UFO' is a bom that is not complete yet, a fireworks wallhanging top just finished, a set of swap blocks for a throw, set of grocery bags cut out...forgot postcards overdue to postcard group...have about 7 older UFOs....Linda B in MI

Fiber Babble said...

Oh, wow! I recognize this set! I must have had it in a previous life (or something like that). What a trip down memory lane - I know I never actually made any of them :-(

UFO's. Oy. I teach quilting and I design for a pattern company (so, prototypes). I'll just count the UFO's that I have been actively working on in the past few months - ELEVEN. No wait - I just looked up and saw Kelibott's comment and realized I have a postcard somewhere, too -

Twelve that are semi-active. At least that many or more that haven't seen the light this year. Sad, but true!

Marit Johanne said...

I have two quilts to finish, and some stitcheries that shall be used in some kind of quilts. And one quilt with fabric and pattern ready, but not started to make.

murgelchen said...

I have 4 Ufo´s and hope it will not get more... I don´t have enough time, but to much ideas.
My english is 34 years old and not good.
Greetings from Germany

Marit Johanne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I don't think I am diciplined because of only two UFO's, just too new in this to have got many! :) :) :). And I also do knitting so including that there is much more !

Annie said...

Oh my goodness - let's see - I am a "piecer" or "topper" as on quilt teacher called me. I haven't gone through and actually counted but I would guestimate that I easily have 20 tops that are waiting to be quilted.

Sunny said...

Hello. Well let's see. This is a neat topic because I just started re-organizing my sewing room and pulled out quite a few UFO's. I posted about some of them on my blog. I have a minimum of 11 quilts started, 3 kits to start and 2 cut and ready to work on. I have 3 or 4 crochet items started. I have just finished a UFO cross-stitch, but have 1 UFO x-stitch. I have several kits to get to in that department too. I also have 2 garments in construction. I have one pretty dress all cut out but never did sew and now my little girl is 9 (it was a size 4!). On top of all that, I have a furniture piece that I have taken apart and started sanding to repaint. I have several furniture projects that I have not started yet but are patiently waiting their turn! LOL So anyway, I mentioned this little giveaway on my blog because I was talking about UFO's recently there. Seems so far that I have admitted to way too many unfinished projects! I am sure there are more.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Well - I can't admit to as many UFOs as some - but I do have 3. I have some flimsy (not quilted tops) - do those count? Two of them are not my fault. I sent them out to be machine quilted and the work was so HORRID I had to unstitch all the machine quilting.

She used horrid stiff batting, pieced it badly and did the worst black quilting on all the blocks - sometimes the outline stitching ran over the designs instead of around. Even my friends who are not quilters recognized it as BAD quilting. It took me two weeks to get all the stitching out - the layers separated and the batting discarded. Now I have to baste them myself and hand quilt them. Guess I learned my lesson the hard way.

Besides those two flimsies I have two others - and I'm really looking forward to the winter weather when hand quilting is a good way to warm up.

Brenda said...

What a fabulous give away! I have five unfinished projects; all are slowly being worked on in the evenings but will take awhile to complete. Thanks for including me in the drawing.

Hazel said...

I feel left out ,I only have two and both are quilts I'm hand quilting ,I'm from Ontario also ,love your blog .

Kathy ~~~ said...

Oh My Oh my....let's see...I have at least 15. Hazel, you can do some of mine. lol
Love the patterns you are giving away and love your sight. Maybe I'll be lucky for a change and win:=) Kathy

Jocey said...

Would love to win those patterns.I have 11 UFO .. but they only need quilting so that is not too bad.
I too am from Ontario.

Sheri said...

I have four UFO' one I've been working on this week. Would love to win.

Solstitches said...

Too late to join the giveaway but not too late to admire the gorgeous quilt you made from the patterns.
How cute - I love it!

Anonymous said...

I used to think that a UFO was a space ship lost in space. Then I joined a quilt guild and discovered that a UFO is a quilting project lost in space!!! I think I have about two dozen UFO's in spaces here in my sewing room. Someday they will all get finished!!!

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